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Welcome to the Nebula!

- Requests are currently closed till July -

Model parts request Policy:

Requests for parts with public downloads: Free
Requests for parts with private download only: 50 points

All requests must come with a reference picture.
All requests are put into a cue-line system.

Any part made for private download that is not used in 60 days will be placed for public download. If such occurs, all points will be reimbursed to the original requester.

*I do not accept requests for hair or body parts*



Frost Violin by Waltervd

I personally think you did an excellent job on this piece. It's probably the most unique design I've seen for a Violin yet. This to me ...

MOTME: Gretchen Styx by SilvercrossStahlherz

Now I'm going to be 100% honest with you and I am going to rate you from a view of both an MMD user and a military personnel. I'll star...


AnimeNebula003 has started a donation pool!
218 / 5,000
I use the points I get to either help out users or use them for prizes in the contests I host.
The points you donate are not for me, I have a premium account so no worries there.

If you want to contribute to passing around points then go ahead and donate. :D

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Mastery, Movement, Design

Animenebula003: Custom box stop being so uncouth!


PIXI - AN003 by AnimeNebula003
PIXI - AN003
(Download of linked Model only)

Here you go! An adorable new companion for you to enjoy!

PIXI was made in Metasequioa2.4!
Character design is by :iconxoriu:

PIXI constitutes my very first attempt at making a model with complete facials and physics. PIXI has an array of fun things it can do! Here's a little list of what it can do!

- Autoluminous2 capable
- VMD Spectrum capale
- Full facial sliders
- Bones for dancing to motion data
- Physics for tail
- Color sliders to go with facial expressions.
- Power down facial that interacts with Autoluminous2
- PMX format only

Now for anyone that decides to use PIXI please keep in mind that both myself and Xoriu should be credited when using PIXI. I'm to be credited for making the model and Xoriu is to be credited for creating the character.
Please be kind with this model, you are welcome to take parts from PIXI and use on your own models but please remember to credit us. As always you can NOT give out this model in anyway unless you have taken parts to add to an edited model. If someone wants this model all you need to do is link them to my download for PIXI or just let them know they can download PIXI from my gallery.

You're allowed to edit and distribute on a finished model!
Secondary distribution of this part is prohibited.
Parts can not be used in creation of unauthorized model edits!
Please remember to credit myself and Xoriu when enjoying this super cute new friend!  
Thank you and enjoy! :D (Big Grin)

Have an interesting thing you think would be great in MMD? Show me and I'll see if I can make it.

PIXI: :iconanimenebula003:
Cyber Solarphones - AN003 by AnimeNebula003
Cyber Solarphones - AN003
(Download of linked Item only)

Here you go! A spectacular pair of headphones and a screen for any of your models to enjoy!

The Cyber Solarphones were made in Metasequioa2.4!
Headset design inspired by :iconxoriu: 

You're allowed to edit and distribute on a finished model!
Secondary distribution of this part is prohibited.
Parts can not be used in creation of unauthorized model edits!
Please remember to credit and enjoy these dynamic duo for any of your models! 
Thank you and enjoy! :D (Big Grin)

Have an interesting thing you think would be great in MMD? Show me and I'll see if I can make it.

Cyber Solarphones: :iconanimenebula003:
Solar Boots - AN003 by AnimeNebula003
Solar Boots - AN003
(Download of linked Item only)

Here you go! A brilliant pair of boots for any of your models to enjoy!

The Solar Boots were made in Metasequioa2.4!
Design inspired from :iconxoriu:

You're allowed to edit and distribute on a finished model!
Secondary distribution of this part is prohibited.
Parts can not be used in creation of unauthorized model edits!
Please remember to credit and enjoy these snazzy boots for any of your models! 
Thank you and enjoy! :D (Big Grin)

Have an interesting thing you think would be great in MMD? Show me and I'll see if I can make it.

Solar Boots: :iconanimenebula003:
TDA Sixie Nano - AN003 by AnimeNebula003
TDA Sixie Nano - AN003
Hello again my amazing watchers, friends, and visitors! For those who would like a good look at my latest character here she is! This is my first and only TDA edit; Sixie Nano or Siri if you want to call her by her actually name.
Her model makes full use of Color sliders and disappear sliders. I'm very happy with how this model came out and I hope you like the way she looks too, if not then no worries.

Now as always, I don't give out public links to my models. For those of you who are interested in some of the parts on her never fear! Her sleeves are already for download and her boots, headset, and screen will be for download in the coming days. If you are interested in her dress or waist belt, my friend Waltervd has those for download in his gallery.

She is 100% TDA and Metasequoia, no other models were used in her creation. 

So without further ado, let's give some proper credit on what was used that I didn't make.


Base/Eye Texture: TDA/SEND0R0SA
Front Hair: TDA Neru/vk
Back Hair: TDA Luka/Agahat
Dress: Waltervd
Waist Belt: Waltervd
Headset: AnimeNebula003
Screen: AnimeNebula003
Sleeves: AnimeNebula003
Boots: AnimeNebula003

TDA Sixe Nano: :iconanimenebula003:
Elect by AnimeNebula003
So I have a cover picture for my latest video Elect which features four models. My latest character Sixie Nano, Waltervd's Synchroharmonic Rin and Len, and Autymn Haku by aexlyii! All of which are TDA models and along with the models I'm also making full use of my latest stage, the Vocalizer Stage.
Oh and of course I need to credit Damieko for their amazing ALiMFE stage pack, it really helped make the video and really compliments my stage in my opinion.

Thank you for viewing if you do and I hope you will like these models and maybe this picture. Enjoy!

One last thing! For those interested in the motion data, I've provided a link to the original download for the motion if you would like it. My Vocalizer stage has a VMD spectrum file inside of it's folder for Elect so if you would like to, you are welcome to make use of that too. :D


Model credits:

TDA Synchroharmonic Rin and Len: :iconwaltervd:
TDA Autymn Haku Yowane: :iconaexlyii:
TDA Sixie Nano(Siri): :iconanimenebula003:

Extending my Thanks

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 2, 2015, 11:32 AM
Hello everyone I have a special message for all of you.

Once again I finally reached the window where I can use wifi, I'll only have it for three more days and then no more until next month.

So for those of you who either read from one of your friends or received a note from me, I sent out a message letting everyone know that there was someone on second life selling my Cyber Needle Boots.

Well I have excellent news! Thanks to everyone's joint efforts the boots have been removed! I can't thank you all enough for what you have done for me, I can't even express in words how amazing you have all made me feel, thank you all so very much!

To thank all of you I have three new parts that I will be uploading for all of you. I will also be providing a model that I made 100% in Metasequoia for public download. Now this model isn't a character model like Miku or any like that, it's more of an object. However, it can sing and dance to any motion data and also works with both Autoluminous2 and VMD Spectrum! It also have tons of color changing sliders and a 'power down' slide.

I will be providing the material to all of you in the coming days! Again, thank you all so much for what you have done.

In the meantime, please enjoy my latest video featuring my newest character Sixie Nano, my first ever TDA edit. The video also features the amazing Synchroharmonic Rin and Len by Waltervd and the extravagant Autymn Haku Yowane by aexlyii!


-Exceed Supremacy-
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Pixel Doll .: V2-360 Beiku:. (ANIMATED) by Auxilixm <--- Nyuu made that for me. ^w^

Greetings to all who visit this page I hope what you see here is to your liking.

I am username AnimeNebula003, I am a digital artist here on Deviant art that loves the themes of Cyber and Lolita. I first joined Deviant art back in December on the 10th in 2010 and have been using programs such as MMD, PMD Editor, Gimp, Metasequoia, and just recently UTAU.
I first began my expedition on the internet after making an account on Youtube in 2010 on August 4th. I first began using MMD in July of 2010 and have been using the program ever since. Currently my most popular youtube video is the Only My Railgun video that featured the default models of MMD plus a Teto model, the video has since been upgraded and has more views than most of my other well done videos.
During my time in high school in my senior year I got the feel for using a program called Rhino 4.0 3D that was featured on the computers of my art class. After using that program I got the feel for using 3D programs. Once I graduated and Rhino was no longer available to me I had to learn a new program, that program was Metasequoia. I began using Meta in December of 2011, my first part to be posted to the public, the Classy Earrings, posted on January 30th, 2012, would be the start of many parts to be created.
My favorite style of art, whether 3D or digital, is anything in a futuristic theme which can be seen in most of the artwork I create myself.
One day I hope to create video games, with that in mind I continue to create 3D adaptations and also run a Role Play group by the name of Code: NEBULA.

If you want to visit my gallery click here:…
If you want to go directly to my model parts folder click here:…
If you want to visit my OC's and ask them a question click the picture: Ask the AN003 OC's! by AnimeNebula003
If you want to visit the Code:NEBULA group visit us at our group's page here on DA: :iconcodenebula-rpg:

Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette + Cyber stamp + by Ace-Thorne What DID the fox say? by Rebi-Valeska Despite all the drama in the community... by AwesomeLurker Code Nebula Stamp by Nanshe-hime Roleplaying - stamp by Angi-Shy Loved - stamp by Angi-Shy DA Stamp - Roleplay Addict 01 by tppgraphics Vynari Fan Stamp by Nanshe-hime Twitch Plays Pokemon - Stamp by Arisu95

Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Nebula, planets, stars, all the pictures I create.
Personal Quote: -Exceed Supremacy-

The world is at crossroads and is facing eventual destruction. How do you save it? 

49 deviants said Do my best to save it and give everyone a chance to make things better.
29 deviants said Let the world and everyone in it perish then let things start over anew.


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I will make the group soon as I get 10 members
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Hello sorry for posting on here if it is alright hehe, anyway I used all of your cyber gear on a Miku base here is the link to her :3
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