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Frost Violin by Waltervd

I personally think you did an excellent job on this piece. It's probably the most unique design I've seen for a Violin yet. This to me ...

MOTME: Gretchen Styx by SilvercrossXAbsol69

Now I'm going to be 100% honest with you and I am going to rate you from a view of both an MMD user and a military personnel. I'll star...


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Animenebula003: Custom box stop being so uncouth!

August Contest! Brave New Age, From Rust to Steel!

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 5:15 PM
*To visit the contest polls for July's contest "Summer Soaker", visit this link here: *

Hello once again great people of DeviantART! August is here and it's time for another fantastic contest! 

If you didn't guess by the title this month's featured Pokemon-type for this month is the amazing Steel-Type!

It's time to break out your pencils, computers, and model know-how to show these Pokemon lovers what you can do with your art! Once again we had an outstanding contest for July, all of you had some excellent entries and I so glad you joined the fun. But I wonder DeviantART, can you keep up this year long contest rotation? I sincerely hope so because you guys are friggin' amazing! 

So let's get onto the details shall we?

Once again the contest will be open to both MMD artists as well as traditional artists because you're all so great. Also guys, if you're going to join this contest you are obligated to read this entire journal so you can get all the information, don't skimp out on critical information, you'll be sad if you do! :D

Now then, so, this lovely contest is going to run from the moment you read this journal until August 31st rolls around and will naturally end at midnight my time. Once the clock stops no more entries will be accepted, this goes for everyone, if your entry is late by even a minute I'm sorry but your entry will be denied. For those of you who aren't sure on the time this link right here will take you to a world time clock that will show you the exact time it is for me right now. I will always be going off of my time for contests so everyone is on the same timer and there isn't any confusion of timezones:…

Please be mindful of the time, I realize that most of us are on different time-zones but that's why I provide this link so people won't get confused. 

So now I bet you're all wondering what prizes I have for you guys this time? Well it just so happens that for this contest I will be offering a choice of either Heatran or Jirachi as the two prizes for the victors! Remember, you only get to choose one of the two, you don't get both.
As usual there will also be a 500 points prize for the winners for both categories of art, those of course being either drawn art or an MMD model.
Also for this contest, anyone who enters an entry for the contest will get a consolation prize of a Beldum egg for either your Pokemon X or Pokemon Y game!

Please keep in mind that if you remove your entry from the contest or withdraw yourself from the contest that you will not be allowed to obtain any of the prizes from this contest. If you decide to withdraw your entry but want to re-enter it before the end of the contest then I will re-enter your entry ONLY ONCE. I find it really interesting that people remove their entries from this contest considering everyone gets a prize just for entering an entry. Don't waist your time guys, it's not about winning, it's about showing off your work. 

Now that the prizes are out of the way let's go over the rules. Please note that all individuals who join this contest are obligated to go over the rules and are required to read this journal in full. There is no reason you shouldn't know what's going on for this contest since all the needed data is provided for you.

MMD models:

1.) Model must be by you and only you and must be your own character, the model can not be a character some one else created.
2.) Model must be a completely new model, can not be an existing one.
3.) Must be a Gijinka. *Gijinka are humanized forms of things that are not human, ex. Pokemon*
4.) No unauthorized parts can be used for your models. Models that can not be edited at all or distributed after editing are PROHIBITED! DO YOUR RESEARCH PLEASE!
5.) Game rips are Prohibited! Only 3DCG, NXJA, and PL2 are allowed to be used for your edits if you used ripped parts. All other game rips ex. Project Diva, Dreamy Theater, Sims, etc. are not allowed to be used for your models.
6.) You are allowed to make your own parts or your own models for the contest.
7.) Detailed credit is required. Every part of your model must be listed in either the description of your post or in the picture itself. 
8.) Do not cheat.
9.) You may ask for help on minor things, if you can properly pose the model then post your model first before asking for it to be fixed.
10.) Treat all contestants with respect, if you are caught being rude to other contestants or myself for no reason you will be removed and be banned from all other contests for the year of 2014. 
11.) All contestants must post their entry before midnight of August 31st, 2014 Central Time! (Refer to link above for correct time)
12.) If you model fails the criteria above your model will not be accepted as an entry. I will warn you about what you did wrong and if you fix it then I will allow your model to be entered by I will only do this ONCE!
13.) Only one single entry may be entered into the contest.

Traditional drawings:

1.) Picture must be drawn by you and only you.
2.) Must be a completely new character, can not be an existing character design of yours or anyone else.
3.) Must be a Gijinka. *Gijinka are humanized forms of things that are not human, ex. Pokemon*
4.) You can not use bases, can not redraw, can not trace, and can not recolor another existing picture of any kind. Those who do will be penalized.
5.) Do not steal another users art, you will be reported immediately. 
6.) Drawing a picture of an adoptable that you bought is not allowed for the contest, the content does not count as your work.  
7.) Your drawing must follow the rules of DeviantART, no exceptions. 
8.) Do not cheat.
9.) All contestants must post their entry before midnight of August 31st, 2014 Central Time! (Refer to link above for correct time)
10.) Only one single entry may be entered into the contest.

Alrighty everyone, now that you've gone through that strain of words here are the Pokemon you can choose from to make a Gijinka based from, remember you can only choose one so best of luck to you outstanding artists!
For those who want to see the list directly from please refer to this link here, all criteria for Pokemon links comes from…

#212MEGA Scizor 
#303MEGA Mawile 
#306MEGA Aggron
#413Wormadam  (Trash Coat ONLY)
#448MEGA Lucario 
#493Arceus (Steel Form ONLY)

Best of luck to all of your that join this contest, I hope the very best for all of you and eagerly look forward to your excellent designs! :D

Contest participants:
:iconhiddenloid-exe: :iconxpandux: :iconlightringstars: :iconwintersnexus: :iconthehellneko: :iconravenuzukichan: :iconlyricceri-001: :iconsnowlillyyukino: :iconmodeldoodle22k: :iconchildishwar: :iconextremeyaoifanatic: :icongummyfrogburst: :iconquinalagrose: :iconiwasp0nthiswei: :iconchillkuma:

MMD Entries:

(MMD Contest Entry) LRS Jirachi Gijinka by lightringstars

Drawn art Entries:
PKMN- Gregory the Magnemite by QuinAlagrose jirachi gijinka by iwasp0nthiswei Klefki Boy by ChillKuma


-Exceed Supremacy-
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Pixel Doll .: V2-360 Beiku:. (ANIMATED) by Nyuuko-tan <--- Nyuu made that for me. ^w^

Greetings to all who visit this page I hope what you see here is to your liking.

I am username AnimeNebula003, I am a digital artist here on Deviant art that loves the themes of Cyber and Lolita. I first joined Deviant art back in December on the 10th in 2010 and have been using programs such as MMD, PMD Editor, Gimp, Metasequoia, and just recently UTAU.
I first began my expedition on the internet after making an account on Youtube in 2010 on August 4th. I first began using MMD in July of 2010 and have been using the program ever since. Currently my most popular youtube video is the Only My Railgun video that featured the default models of MMD plus a Teto model, the video has since been upgraded and has more views than most of my other well done videos.
During my time in high school in my senior year I got the feel for using a program called Rhino 4.0 3D that was featured on the computers of my art class. After using that program I got the feel for using 3D programs. Once I graduated and Rhino was no longer available to me I had to learn a new program, that program was Metasequoia. I began using Meta in December of 2011, my first part to be posted to the public, the Classy Earrings, posted on January 30th, 2012, would be the start of many parts to be created.
My favorite style of art, whether 3D or digital, is anything in a futuristic theme which can be seen in most of the artwork I create myself.
One day I hope to create video games, with that in mind I continue to create 3D adaptations and also run a Role Play group by the name of Code: NEBULA.

If you want to visit my gallery click here:…
If you want to go directly to my model parts folder click here:…
If you want to visit my OC's and ask them a question click the picture: Ask the AN003 OC's! by AnimeNebula003
If you want to visit the Code:NEBULA group visit us at our group's page here on DA: :iconcodenebula-rpg:

Music helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevette + Cyber stamp + by Ace-Thorne What DID the fox say? by Rebi-Valeska Despite all the drama in the community... by AwesomeLurker Code Nebula Stamp by Preezie-chan Roleplaying - stamp by Angi-Shy Loved - stamp by Angi-Shy DA Stamp - Roleplay Addict 01 by tppgraphics Vynari Fan Stamp by Preezie-chan Twitch Plays Pokemon - Stamp by Arisu95

Favourite genre of music: Rock
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Operating System: Windows 7
Wallpaper of choice: Nebula, planets, stars, all the pictures I create.
Personal Quote: -Exceed Supremacy-

*Read Journal FIRST!* Traditional Art Summer Soaker July Contest Poll 2 

21 deviants said Pearl Sorcerer by CosmicTao
7 deviants said Milotic 01 by wintersnexus
4 deviants said Mako Greninja Gijinka +Contest Entry+ by xPandux
2 deviants said Land assassin + speedpaint by Sapphyriah
1 deviant said Gijinka Chinchou [Contest Entry] by SnowLillyYukino
No deviants said Let It Go: Contest Entry by drahonlover
No deviants said Tympole by VioletAssassin


Aug 23, 2014
4:23 am
Aug 22, 2014
10:58 pm
Aug 22, 2014
9:58 pm
Aug 22, 2014
9:40 pm
Aug 22, 2014
8:23 pm



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